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Have you tried dieting just to gain all the weight back and then some? Are you eating healthy foods, but are confused by so many conflicting reports about “good” vs “bad” foods – especially when it comes to fats and carbohydrates? Are you healthy and active, but want more energy? Have you recently received a medical diagnosis that’s sparked a nutrition-based focus on healing? Are you missing that “key” that can unlock your performance – whether its stepping up to the starting line of a race or stepping up to the table at a board meeting?

Wherever you are on your health, fitness, healing, or performance journey, MyBody GX offers a comprehensive suite of genetics-based health management programs that are aligned with your individual goals and concerns.

Work with us to discover, how like never before, goals for weight management, optimal nutrition, peak athletic performance, general health and well-being, healing, or an all-inclusive analysis for optimal living can be unlocked from your DNA.

Place your online order today and let’s get started with life-changing insights and information.

Please Note!

If you have already received genetic ancestry information from 23andMe, you are eligible to purchase MyBody GX products at a significant discount without needing to submit another sample for DNA testing.

30 Minute Coaching and Consultation Session

During 30-minute follow-up consultations we will refine your nutrition plan, develop fitness strategies, sharpen the focus on specific health goals, and explore life balance issues.

23andMe Customers

If you have already purchased and received genetic ancestry information from 23andMe, then you are eligible to purchase our genetic wellness products at a large discount – and you don’t have to submit another sample for DNA testing!