Lean Out 2022 Challenge

Starting February 21st!

8 Week Program February 21st- April 22nd
Cost: $570

12 Week Program February 21st- May 20th
Cost: $799

MyBody GX is an Austin-based company on the forefront of optimal nutrition and fitness strategies tailored to your exact genetic makeup.

Treat Yourself to this amazing opportunity to draw upon the energy and enthusiasm of a healthy life so you can commit to living your best life and being the best you can be!

  • If you’ve ever wanted to look like you could grace the stage of a fitness competition, but don’t actually want to get on stage.
  • If you’ve gained your fair share of the “Quarantine15-40”
  • If you need a lifestyle jump start to get you on track
  • If you’re up for a challenge with accountability


Starting Monday February 21st, I will be offering an 8 week and a 12 week slim down program! This will include:

  • Custom Nutrition
  • Custom Fitness
  • Weekly Check-in’s
  • Completion Tank or T-Shirt

Workouts for Home or Gym

Nutrition Coaching Custom to Goals

Weekly Check-Ins with  Coach Kati Epps